For all new clients onboarding

We know that it can be a mind field when it comes to seeking help so we thought it’d be helpful to show you how we work…

Discovery Call
You can call us for a quick 15 minute chat, simply book in for a call or meeting on our contact us page.
Package Options
We will understand your needs and provide package options or you may already have a package in mind.
Services Agreed & Contract Sent
Once the package is decided we will send a Service Agreement Contract to be signed. This can be completed electronically.
Bookkeeping Clients
Bookkeeping clients will also receive a Letter of Engagement explaining the requirements needed for Client Due Diligence and Anti-Money Laundering.
Invoice Sent & Payment
We send invoices promptly and invoices need to be paid in advance of work commencing.

Now The Lex Approach has you fully on board, let the work commence!