If you’re an accountant you will no doubt know financial jargon but what about those who have just started a business? There’s lots of abbreviations and terminology to get your head around when you start your business never mind wearing many hats and working long hours whilst you get yourself off the ground. So we thought we’d help with this definition of CT600 and what you need to think about as a business owner.

So what is CT600?

Your CT600 is the term for your Companies Tax Return.

How often do I need to submit CT600?

Every year.

Where do I submit CT600?

Companies House

Why do I need to submit CT600?

To show Companies House what trading your business has done. This is shown in your figures within your annual accounts every year to reflect the figures of the business for that financial year.

How do I submit CT600?

Either direct with Companies House via webfiling or via Government Gateway.

What do I need to submit CT600?

Company Authenication code and your annual account figures.